SecuWine – video and voice calls with GDPR compliance and end-to-end encryption for FREE!

SecuWine AS is a telecom, videoconference and IT security software company. With the product SecuWine we make videoconference and voice calls for IOS and Android mobile phones and tablets, collaboration to a secure business across the globe.

The soulution is now available on App Store and Google Play. Enjoy!

Best regards

The SecuWine Team

Vision and strategy

Our overall common goal is to become a central telecom player in our segment worldwide.

This will be achieved by delivering  products with top security, easy to use and and always solving our customers problems in a professional way.

Our solutions - your privacy

Our software product SecuWine for IOS and Android mobiles and tablets make your voice and video calls safe and secure wherever you are.

Our customers

Our target market for the solution SecuWine is both businesses and consumer market. All people with a need for staying secure in communication both in office and during travel are our target market.

Next generation app for secure voice and video calls!

What Is SecuWine

The SecuWine app makes your voice and video calls safe and secure. IT is developed for both IOS and Android mobiles and tablets, with end-to-end encryption with strong security. The solution make you stay safe and secure in your communication both in office and during travel.


Encrypted voice and video calls - for your privacy!

Listening in on your calls is no longer a threat

Hacking and eavesdropping has become a serious problem around the world and there are many reasons for doing something with it. SecuWine target this problem, and problems like “Man in the middle attack” are no longer a threat when using the product.


    • Works on IOS and Android Mobiles and tablets
    • Four devices per user – coming
    • Synchroized on all devices – coming
    • No ads – banners and popups
    • All communication between app and server with TLS security
    • Every call setup with SIP username and password authentication
    • DTLS/SRTP key exhange on every call with end-to-end encryption
    • Technology for avoiding MiTM Attack
    • Based on internationals standards
    • Nice user interface and easy to use
    • Video and voice calls for FREE
    • No profiling – SecuWine does not sell user information to advertising companies
    • Both calls and video calls for IOS and Android
    • Strong end-to-end encryption
    • Low latency when used locally
    • Servers in Europe under Norwegian and European laws and regulations
    • The SecuWine apps and backend systems are in compliance with GDPR laws and regulations
    • Perfect for video conference between Advisors and clients
    • Easily invite friends to use the application


    Download SecuWine for iOS to iPhone, Ipad, Ipod and Mac computers on App Store.

    For Android devices; mobile phones and tablets download SecuWine from Google Play.

     The SecuWine app is a FREE app, with excellent video and sound quality – delivering  video and voice calls with End-to-End encryption and GDPR compliance for FREE. Full HD video, 1920 x 1080 pixels, and excellent sound quality.