SecuWine AS – delivering encryption technology in the telecom space

Who we are

SecuWine AS is a Norwegian based IT company developing and delivering IT security software apps for sale to the global market.

We take care of people’s need for privacy and protection from intrusion in conversations in voice and video calls, both in office and during travel.

What we do

SecuWine AS develope and deliver IT security software apps for encrypted voice and video calls with end-to-end encryption for IOS and Android mobile phones and tablets.

The apps and solutions are hosted from secure servers in Europe and are under Norwegian and European laws and regulations.

Your Privacy

The ability to stay private are important for many reasons, and hacking has become a serious problem. Our SecuWine apps target these problems and make your communication safe and secure whereever you are.


The apps gives encrypted voice and video calls end-to-end and are impossible to listen in to. They are also safeguarded for “Man in the middle attack”.  The apps adapts to  the most common networks over Internet.

When speaking locally the latency is low, for example used locally in India, despite the servers are located in Europe.

The apps gives high quality audio and video and are high end solutions.

Enjoy your SecuWine App!

Best regards

The SecuWine team