SecuWine AS – FAQ

The apps for iPhones and Android mobiles work well together and you can call encrypted from an iPhone  to an Android phone or tablet.

You can easily invite contacts and friends to use the SecuWine Messenger app by using the invite functions in the app.

You can invite others by using the invite functions.

Close the app completely and start it again. The contacts should now be available to be invited.

My History only shows activities for contacts registered in the SecuWine Messenger app. If an app contact is deleted in the contact list, the activities in My History for that contact will be deleted as well.

The text information that is added voluntarily on the Account screen is stored on the SecuWine server. The photo is saved on your phone. If you want to remove the added information simply remove the information on the Account screen and tap Submit. If you want to receive e-mail notifications and information from SecuWine, please add your e-mail address. Tap Submit to save.

The phone number must be unique for each SecuWine Messenger app installation. If you have a spare phone number, it can be used for a device without sim-card on iPads or other tablets.

The SecuWine Messenger app can be installed on iPhones and Android mobile phones, and iPads, iPods and Android tablets.

All editing of contacts must be done in the process of Inviting or manually inviting contacts. If you want to change your registration, simply delete the account on the Account screen and register again.

No communications on the mobile device works in flight mode. The app will not work in flight mode.

Try closing the app and start it again.

The SecuWine Messenger app can be used on wifi, 3G, 4G , 5G and cable networks.

No, the SecuWine Messenger app needs access to all those functions, so grant access on all questions. If you have denied the app access, you can go to device Properties on the mobile/tablet to grant access. For IOS – Properties/SecuWine, and for Android – Properties/Apps/SecuWine. Alternatively you can delete your account on the Account screen and install / register the app again.

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