SecuWine AS – Privacy policy

  1. SecuWine  AS is responsible for the threatment of the information in the app solution SecuWine.
  2. When the user of the app agree the Terms Of Service and register a user he agree to this privacy policy and the threatments of information which take place in the servers of SecuWine AS.
  3. The solution stores only, the users phone number, his email adress and his username for the app, but anonymous, and no one can identify the users in the system. This information are necessary for running the application.
  4. The information stored in the servers will not be distributed to any third parties, but are stored in SecuWine AS servers.
  5. The information in the servers will be deleted when the user uninstall the application.
  6. SecuWine AS stores only information the users themseselves have given when registering for the application.  The laws for privacy policy is the personopplysningsloven of Norway (personinformation law). The company is under European and Norwegian laws and regulations.
  7. The data obtained are based on article 6 in “Lov om Personvern”, Norwegian legislation, and are necessary to fulfil the agreement between the customer and Secuwine AS. SecuWine AS  consider this to be necessary to fulfil the purpose of this interaction,  justified by the interest of the customer.
  8. The information stored for the users on SecuWine AS servers will be taken backup of, and stored in a safe manner in the company’s servers.
  9. If any questions regarding this privacy policy, contact SecuWine AS by email at